Lifelinker is the simplest and easiest to use Magic: the Gathering life counter for 1 to 6 players. Keep track of your life totals, customize your name, background colors, roll dice, see match history, and more. All advanced options will be unlocked with a single in-app purchase!

Lifelinker is brought to you by Jimmy Wong and Josh Lee Kwai of The Command Zone Podcast, a part of the Collected.Company family.

– Choose players and starting health totals
– Change your name, background color, and emblem for each player
– Roll a digital D6 to help with decisions
– View detailed match history and reset the game to any prior point in time
– Let the app decide! A spinning ticker will randomly choose the first player when you load into a new game for the first time.

Available on the Google Play Store    Available on the App Store