There’s a ton of awesome magic content out there but sometimes it can be hard to find. We’re hoping we can introduce you to some of our favorite stuff! Before we get into it – we are not trying to insult, marginalize, or make any statement about any creator that hasn’t made the list today! We certainly don’t know every piece of content out there, so please let us know if we’ve missed one of your favorites 🙂

“Aftermath” Playmat ON SALE for one month only:

Who We Mentioned on the Show Today:
Wizards of the Coast has released an update on the new 1v1 Banlist on MTGO – they will be creating a separate banlist for 1v1 vs multiplayer online!

Tolarian Community College – The Professor –
The Mana Source – Wedge –
Magic the Amateuring – Meghan & Maria –
Loading Ready Run –

Commander’s Brew Podcast – Andy Hull & Sean Tabares –
Commanderin’ Podcast – Phil DeLuca / Sean Watson – – Donald Miner –
75% Articles – Jason Alt –
Commander VS – Jeremy Noell, Justin Parnell, Jonathan Suarez, Stephen Green –

Limited Resources Podcast – Marshall Sutcliffe and LSV –
Allied Strategies Podcast – Neal Oliver, Ben Weitz, Tristan Killeen –

Kenji “Numot the Nummy” Egashira –
Neal Oliver –
Gaby Spartz –
Paul Cheon –

The Masters of Modern Podcast – Alex Kessler / Ben Bateman –

Brainstorm Brewery Podcast – Corbin Hosler, Jason Alt, DJ (Douglas Johnson) –
MTG Fast Finance Podcast – Travis Allen / James Chillcott –
MTG Trades App –

Split Second – Jeremy Noell –
DailyMagicUpdate – Blake Rasmussen –
MTG Goldfish Podcast – Chaz, Richard and Seth (Saffron Olive) –

Drive to Work Podcast – Mark Rosewater –
Magic Man Sam –
Magic Story – (various writers including Alison Luhrs) –
Magic the Gathering Story Podcast – Blake Rasmussen –
Enter the Battlefield – Shawn Kornhauser / Nathan Holt –
Corbin Hosler Articles –

Game Knights #6:

What We Mentioned on the End Step:
Damon Lindelof’s The Leftovers

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