Alex Kessler (co-host of the Masters of Modern podcast) joins the guys to battle it out in a four player Commander free-for-all. Featuring the new Commander 2016 partners including Vial Smasher & Thrasios and Tymna & Tana facing off against some old favorites like Shu Yun, Kresh the Bloodbraided and Geist of Saint Traft, you won’t want to miss it!

Be sure to check out Ep140 of The Command Zone for an in-depth breakdown of Josh’s Vial Smasher & Thrasios deck:

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Vial Smasher / Thrasios (Josh Lee Kwai):

Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest (Jimmy Wong):

Kresh the Bloodbraided (Craig Blanchette):

Damia Sage of Stone (Craig Blanchette):

Tymna the Weaver & Tana, the Bloodsower (Alex Kessler):

Geist of Saint Traft (Alex Kessler):

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