Kessler and Ben break down the year 2016 month by month. going over ban list announcements, major tournaments, and set releases. Then they give their picks for Best of the Year in the following Categories:

Best of the Year:
Favorite Cards: Saheeli Rai vs Bedlam Reveler
Best New Card: Prized Amalgam vs Thought Knot Seer
Best Returning Card Narcomeba vs Koth of the Hammer
Best Set: Oath of the Gatewatch (Thought Knot Seer, Kalitas, Eldrazi Displacer) vs Shadows Over Innistrad (Prized Amalgam, Nahiri, Thing In the Ice)
Best Supplemental Product: Commander 16 vs Eternal Masters
Best New Deck: Eldrazi vs Spirits
Best Returning Deck: Dredge vs Grixis
Best Episode Live: From GPLA vs Uncompleted Cycles

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