In a continuation of their Modern Block reviews, Kessler and Ben break down their picks for the Top 10 best Modern cards that the original Ravnica block has to offer. As always this is followed by a “5 Most Under Played Ravnica Cards Contest,” follow us on Twitter to vote!

Kesslers Top 10 list:
1) Shocklands
2) Dark Confidant
3) Chord of Calling
4) Remand
5) Ghost Quarter
6) Golgari Grave Troll
7) Lightning Helix
8) Spell Snare
9) Life From the Loam
10) Electrolyze

Bens Top 10 list:
1) Shock Lands
2) Dark Confidant
3) Remand
4) Lightning Helix
5) Chord of Calling
6) Spell Snare
7) Life from the Loam
8) Electrolyze
9) Ghost Quarter
10) Leyline of the Void

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