Jimmy and Josh discuss a leaked Commander 2015 spoiler and also the Top 5 cards on their wishlist to be reprinted this year! We also have a very special episode next week on November 5th where we’ll be previewing our exclusive Commander 2015 spoiler and interviewing Adam Prosak from Wizards R&D to discuss the Legendary Cube on MTGO and C15 online.

Josh’s Top 5:
5) Enemy Fetchlands
4) Oblivion Stone
3) Gaea’s Cradle
2) Mana Crypt
1) Sensei’s Divining Top

Jimmy’s Top 5:
5) Filter lands (Eventide cycle)
4) Pact Cycle
3) Gauntlet of Power
2) Toxic Deluge
1) The “Sword of” Cycle

What We Mentioned on the End Step:
Jimmy talks about his trip to Europe!

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