James Pianka joins the show to discuss the cards he created the names and flavor text for in Magic: Origins. We also spend some time discussing the process of working in a creative field and advice we have on the subject.

Cards that James named:
Day’s Undoing
Animist’s Awakening
Jace, Telepath Unbound
Abbot of Keral Keep
Graveblade Marauder
Evolutionary Leap
Patron of the Valiant
Faerie Miscreant
Touch of Moonglove
Honored Hierarch
Artificer’s Epiphany
Alchemist’s Vial
Ghirapur Aether Grid
Starfield of Nyx
Malakir Cullblade
Gideon’s Phalanx
Unholy Hunger
Undercity Troll
Throwing Knife

Cards that James wrote flavor text for:
Blessed Spirits
Displacement Wave
Despoiler of Souls
Guardian Automaton
Grasp of the Hieromancer

Where to find James online:

What We Mentioned on The End Step:
Roots: A Game of Inventing Words

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