We’re covering one of the meaner decks in EDH – ever hear of Jhoira of the Gitu? You’ll know her name by the time the game is over, that’s for sure…

Note: there’s a new version of the podcast up! We removed all references to that silly card Worldfire. Cuz it’s banned. Hehehe.

Jhoira Decklist: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/cmdzones-jhoira-of-the-ghitu/

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Eli Cuevas, gentleman and editor extraordinaire. Follow him on Twitter!
The best beach in the United States – Hawaii’s Waimanalo Beach
AJ Kerrigan totally destroying someone playing Storm at age 8? 12? Who knows. Kid’s awesome. (He’s 12 at the time this video was filmed)

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