Jimmy and Josh are joined by special guest The Professor from Tolarian Community College to talk about new projects, the Magic community on YouTube, and most importantly… how to organize your EDH collection! We address what products are best, what’s the best deal, and more in this all-encompassing episode.

Where to find The Professor:
The Dies to Removal Podcast – with Wedge from TheManaSource
Youtube.com/TolarianCommunity – product reviews, deck techs, and more

What items did we talk about today? Links below! If you are looking to purchase any of these products, you can usually find them at your LGS or on internet retailers like Amazon or Ebay.
Legion Dragonhide Binders
Xenoskin Zipfolio
Ultra Pro Satin Tower
Ultimate Guard Monolith
Iconic Deckbox Series from Legion

Custom deckboxes:
Aaron Cain custom wooden deckboxes
Leifkicker deckboxes
Wyrmwood deckboxes

KMC Hypermatte
Dragonshield Sleeves

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